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 The following deposits, in pesos and foreign currency, constituted with participating institutions are covered by the system:


  • Checking accounts.
  • Sight account opened in Cooperative Credit Accounts.
  • Savings accounts
  • Fixed term deposit (See reference rate).
  • Payroll/social security and special accounts.
  • Term investments.
  • Fixed balance from the previous items.


Amount Covered

The guarantee shall include the reimbursement of the capital deposited, interests, updates –by the application of the Reference Stabilization Rate ("CER") in the deposits of Purchasing Power Units - Law 25827 (“UVA”) and by the construction cost index for Gran Buenos Aires (“ICC”) in the deposits of Dwelling Units  - Law 27271 (“UVI”)-, and the quotation differences, as the case may be, accrued until the authorization’s revocation date to operate or until the date of the entity’s suspension pursuant to Section 49 of the Charter of the Central Bank of Argentina.

The total amount guaranteed to a person, per accumulation of accounts and deposits covered by the system, according to the legal framework in force, shall not exceed the limit of AR$ 6.000.000

In the accounts in name of two or more persons, the guarantee shall not exceed the limit of AR$ 6.000.000, regardless the number of depositors; this amount will be proportionally distributed among the depositors.


SEDESA´s Powers/Powers granted to SEDESA

SEDESA may reject or postpone, until its judicial examination, the coverage request by the application of this guarantee regime when deposits do not meet the requirements established by the applicable rules or when depositors do not bear titles that are valid as to the form and content.

Prior to the settlement of the guarantee, SEDESA may request depositors to justify the origin and availability of the funds deposited by the receipts evidencing the authenticity thereof and/or the verification of the effective inflow of the funds in the institution regarding every transaction governed by the regime. Furthermore, SEDESA shall file the pertinent complaint when it observes irregularities or a criminal offense leading to the improper collection of the guarantee.